The Weekend

April 30, 2010

So, what are you doing this weekend? Being centrally located in Muskegon give you plenty of opportunities when you live here. Some of our favorite pastimes are sitting around the campfire, grilling food for friends and family, and taking bike rides on the nearby bicycle trails.

Those things are just the tip of the iceberg though. Marsh Field has lots of baseball games scheduled this year, and that’s within walking distance. Heritage landing is already getting geared up for Summer Celebration, and if you’re by the campfire at night you can even hear the bands playing in the distance! Other times we might just enjoy a quiet day in the neighborhood, maybe spending time in the garden tending the vegetables.

These are definitely some advantages of being centrally located in Muskegon, and I’m sure you’ll find even more as you live here! What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?



April 29, 2010

One of the joys of homeownership is the “m” word – maintenance. Yes, it’s true that you don’t have a landlord or on-staff maintenance man to call when something goes wrong with an owned home. But, this house should have very little need for one.

When the current owners moved in in 2004, the house hadn’t been updated much since it was built. This, with a little help from Neighborhood Investment Corporation in Muskegon, changed very quickly.  New doors were the first thing to be installed. While the old doors were functional, there was only a small window in the front door, and no window in the back. The new front door has a full-length window and the back has a small window at the top to help maintain privacy. These small additions brought a lot more light into the house and have been an enjoyable upgrade.

Also on the exterior of the house, new windows, vinyl siding, and roofing were installed. Again, the windows, roof, and siding were all original prior to this – dating back to 1970! Now the windows look great, and tilt in for easy cleaning. The roof shingles were rated at over 25yrs, so they have a lot of life left in them and show no mold or moss.

On the inside, a new 92% high efficiency furnace was installed, and central air conditioning was added. A programmable thermostat lets you warm up the house before you even get up – and that’s nice! It can also be programmed to automatically turn the temperature up or down when you leave for work, and have the house quite comfortable by the time you get home.

Well, I could go on and on about the upgrades, but it’s better for you to see them yourself. call Jason at ALT Realty today to get a time set up. but why do I go on and on about this when I started this post about maintenance? Simply to say that in this house, maintenance is not much of a concern. When the major parts and systems of the home have all been upgraded recently, things don’t tend to break as much! Vinyl siding and windows are easy to clean, and newer furnaces tend to do their job efficiently and quietly. Enjoy this upgraded house that’s ready to move in for a mortgage payment that’s cheaper than rent, and say goodbye to the hairy maintenance guy. 🙂

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

On a wonderful night such as this, it’s always enjoyable to spend a little time outside. While the view from the large front window here is great, nothing beats some time digging your fingers into good earth. That’s right – there is a garden here. 🙂

The garden was started three years ago with strawberries, tomatoes, and corn. The strawberries were the most flavorful we’d ever had! The tomatoes turned out great as well. The corn…well, let’s just say you might not get great results from corn – but hey, two out of three ain’t bad!

This year we’ll be planting strawberries, tomatoes, and peppers. While the peppers are a new addition, I’m told they are easy to care for and produce great results in home gardens. When you stop by to see the house, make sure to take a look out back by the fence for the garden!


April 16, 2010

Life in a house is about much more than just the physical structure that covers your head. Of course you want a home to be an inviting place, a clean place, and a place that reflects who you are, but the neighborhood also means a lot.

This house is in the Marsh Field neighborhood. Marsh Field is a baseball field in the center of the neighborhood, directly across the street from Hackley Hospital on Laketon Avenue. The neighborhood is about 24 blocks wide, and 5 blocks tall at it’s tallest section. This house is located about halfway down a dead-end street on the south side of the neighborhood.

Marsh Field has been getting a lot of press lately. As it turns out, the baseball diamond has a significant place in Muskegon history, and has been around since 1915. It has been the home to several professional baseball Leagues, and several teams, including the Muskegon Reds, Muskies, Anglers, and Belles.

At some point, the original structure was demolished, and a new set of bleachers and press box were constructed. This field has been under the maintenance of the City of Muskegon, until very recently, when maintenance and improvement responsibilities for the field were transferred to The Lakeshore Baseball Club (link).  This is a great move and shows how a government agency and private company can come to an agreement for the betterment of the community as a whole!

Lakeshore Baseball Club is led by Pete Gawkowski and Len Piasecki – two strong business leaders in the community. The club plans several improvements to the field, and has already scheduled some 200+ events at the field for this year.  All in all, things are looking up for this Muskegon Landmark, and the Marsh Field neighborhood in general! has some very neat photos of the original field and structures, and some of the information on this page is courtesy of their site. Be sure to click on the link and check out the photos! There is also an excellent write-up in the Muskegon Chronicle from the end of last year at this link.


April 11, 2010

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Here are the most up to date pictures of the house. All of the windows and siding are vinyl, which means they are very easy to keep clean. The siding usually just needs to be rinsed with a garden hose, and the window frames get wiped down with glass cleaner when cleaning the windows themselves.

There’s fresh paint throughout the home and all of the outlets and switches are white and contemporary. They are just little touches, but they really make this house stand out among the rest! The house is move-in ready, and you could live here by May! Contact Jason Dolinski for your showing at 616-638-5390.

For Sale

April 8, 2010

That’s right! The time has finally come, and you now have the opportunity to own this beautiful home 😉 Just listed last week to give you enough time to take advantage of home-buyer tax incentives. We’ve enjoyed this house for the past 6 years, but our family has grown, so it’s time to move.

The house was majorly updated in 2004, and ongoing improvements have happened in the years following. In july and August of 2004:

  • Roof replaced
  • New windows installed including up-to-code egress windows in the bedrooms
  • New Vinyl siding on the upper half of the house (lower half is brick)
  • New Exterior doors
  • New Floor coverings
  • Rebuilt and replaced some interior walls
  • Installed High Efficiency furnace and Central Air Conditioning

Yes, that was certainly a busy summer :). Soon before and after photos will be posted so you can see the difference for yourself. This house has definitely been taken from an average house to a very nice looking home.

Some additional details are in the MLS listing by clicking here, where you’ll also find information on how to set up your own appointment to see it. Thanks for visiting!